What Is God's Job? What Is My Job?

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What Is God's Job? What Is My Job? by Mind Map: What Is God's Job?  What Is My Job?

1. Some things

1.1. God does for you

1.1.1. We are grateful Isaiah 63:7

1.2. God won't

1.2.1. Help you cheat on a test I thought he did that for me once

1.2.2. Take away your free choice What you eat What you say Didn't create you to be a robot Created a friend

2. If we are ill or not healthy

2.1. Our job:

2.1.1. Learn all you can about your situation

2.1.2. Work to make the appropriate changes in your life

2.1.3. Go see a doctor

2.1.4. Do what the doctor tells Trust doctors, but our hope is in Jesus

2.1.5. Continually pray for healing and ask others to pray as well

2.2. God's job

2.2.1. To grant wisdom to know what to do

2.2.2. Provide the strength to do it you have to do

2.2.3. Provide the tenacity and courage you need

2.2.4. Provide comfort and peace

3. If you need a job

3.1. God's job

3.1.1. Give you ideas

3.1.2. Connecting with people and resources

3.1.3. Provide the tenacity and wisdom

3.1.4. Tell you you are not defined by the money you make but by the fact that you are his child.

3.2. Our job

3.2.1. Do what you can to spend less Be diligent in looking for a job Networking Shooting for the stars Humble enough to take what's there Continue building your skills Pray for Ideas Resources Connections

4. Your marriage is in trouble

4.1. Our job

4.1.1. Look in ourselves for selfishness

4.1.2. Learn to walk in Forgiveness Patients Love As Christ loved the church

4.2. God's job

4.2.1. Soften and transform your heart

4.2.2. Soften and transform your spouse's heart

4.2.3. Help you to forgive

5. Help a loved one come to Christ

5.1. Our job

5.1.1. Pray

5.1.2. Provide the safety of unconditional love It doesn't matter how much you love them if they don't feel it or believe it. Never let them feel you saying "I told you so" Nobody thinks they do this but everybody does it.

5.1.3. Never Manipulate Nag Or push

5.1.4. Be available Say the right thing at the right time Answer questions

5.1.5. Tell the truth, the whole truth Even if it hurts In the context of unconditional love

5.2. God's job

5.2.1. Conviction John 16:8

6. When our job is done

6.1. Get out of the way

6.2. We will only screw things up

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