Base KI Bio Weapon 621 otherwise known as "Lucid"

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Base KI Bio Weapon 621 otherwise known as "Lucid" by Mind Map: Base KI Bio Weapon 621 otherwise known as "Lucid"

1. Normal ki It's white not yellow. "Lucid" can use her Ki creation ability to weaponize Ki and channel Ki through said creations. Other than her Ki creation ability, she can use Ki like any other generic Ki attack or Ki defence.

1.1. Boosted "Boosted" adds a slight aura to "Lucid's" body, giving her a speed boost. "Boosted" also enhances her Ki consentrastion, allowing her to use her Ki channeling easier. "Boosted" increases "Lucid's" Ki pool, as well as changing her Ki colour to yellow. Staying in this form damages her right eye, if her right eye "Breaks" she goes blind in that eye and can no longer go into "Boosted" "Boosted" enhances her right eye allowing her to see further, it also allows her to detect Ki. "Boosted" changes her right eye pupil, as well as changing her hair colour to white. "Boosted" also grows her hair.

1.1.1. If Mark is activated during "Boosted" 50 50 is made.

2. Mark "Mark" changes "Lucid's" Ki colour to purple, as well as her eyes and hair getting tinted purple. "Mark" removes all good intention in "Lucid", it also forces to obey the commands from her creator. "Mark" gets activated during night when moonlight hits her body, and deactivates during day.

2.1. Boosted Mark "Boosted Mark" Channels all "Lucid's" Ki into her left arm, allowing her to use her Ki creation skill easily. It also protects her left arm from almost all damage. "Boosted Mark" Damages "Lucid's" left arm over time, if her left arm "Breaks" she can no longer use "Boosted Mark". Her left arm is also rendered useless. "Boosted Mark" Grows out "Lucid's" hair and transforms her hair and eye colour a dark purple. "Boosted Mark" also increases "Lucid's" Ki pool and Ki regeneration. "Boosted Mark" enhances her Ki consentrastion, allowing her to use her Ki easier. It also gives her left arm extreme strength and speed.

2.1.1. If "Boosted Mark" carries over into day 50 50 is made.

3. "50 50" 50 50 is the "perfect" form between "good" and "bad" "Lucid". This form balances out "Boosted" and "Boosted Mark", holding this form isn't hard whatsoever as it isn't designed to fight or defend. In this state 50 50 needs to gain enough Ki to "Activate", she can do this by stealing Ki with her left arm or passively gain excess Ki. This form is extremely weak other than it's extreme ability to generate Ki or steal Ki. In this form 50 50 can also give Ki with her right hand, or heal with it. This form grows out her hair and changes it's colour to silver.

3.1. "50 50's" Ki 50 50's Ki colour. She can't do much with her Ki in her "unactivated" state.

3.2. 50 50 "Night Activation" "Night Activation" increases her Ki consentrastion and Ki pool greatly, it also allows her to use her Ki creation easier. When she enters "Night Activation" she creates 6 sabers. 3 on the left side of of her are designed for close - mid range melee combat, the 3 on her right side are mid - long ranged sabers that she channels Ki through as uses as a cannon of sorts. "Night Activation" requires a lot of Ki, as it's extremely powerful in combat, due to her being able to access both sides of her "Boosted" states in this form. She can summon purple discs that can teleport her sabers or her in this form as well. "Night Activation" grows out her hair and changes its colour to pitch white. It also changes her right pupil, causing it to glow when she uses her "Boosted" abilities. "Night Activation" does not need to be night for it to be used.

3.3. 50 50 "Day Activation" "Day Activation" Increases her defence greatly but at the cost of her large Ki pool. 50 50 creates heavy armour with her Ki creation ability to allow her to have a much larger defence but at the cost of her Ki pool, she also creates a blade of her choice when "Day Activation" is activated. This transformation essentially transforms her into a more physical based Bio-Weapon, rather than a Ki based one. This transformation requires much less Ki than "Night Activation", "Day Activation" is also immune to "Mark". "Day Activation" excess Ki will be formed into a Halo, and "wings", these can be use as extra defence or offence. They don't last very long when used, they have a very short range. It does not need to be day for "Day Activation" to be used. In this form she has no access to any "Mark Boosted" abilities.

3.3.1. If "Mark" is activated during 50 50's "Night Activation" all her "Boosted" abilities will be nullified and her "Boosted Mark" abilities will become twice as strong allowing her to use her disc in more destructive ways. Her right eye will return to normal, as will her right hand. She also gains a horn on the left side of her head in the form of a saber. The purple in her left arm and the purple in her "suit" will become red. 50 50 will become extremely destructive when "Mark" is activated during "Night Activation", as she loses all senses of reality and essentially becomes a weapon of destruction. In order for "Mark" to be activated during "Night Activation" something must purposely activate it, as during night she will be unaffected. An example of what could activate it would be; an ability that nullifies the "50" of her normal state, something that increases her "Mark" state, anything that would disturb the balance in her form.