Trust in the Marketplace

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Trust in the Marketplace by Mind Map: Trust in the Marketplace

1. Brand Coolness

1.1. Deceiving through popularity

1.2. False Authority

1.3. Perceived Status through purchase

1.4. Tells you need a product to fit in

2. The Influence on the Consumers Mind

2.1. Perceived Need

2.2. Influencing through emotion

2.3. Creates a false sense of accomplishment

3. Deceiving the customer

3.1. Fake News

3.2. Bandwagon

3.3. Fake Promises

4. Who is at fault?

4.1. Consumer

4.1.1. Should they know better?

4.2. Business

4.2.1. Ethics?

4.3. Society

4.3.1. Just the way it is