Supervisor Support

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Supervisor Support by Mind Map: Supervisor Support

1. Role

1.1. Clinical

1.2. Pastoral

1.3. Exam Prep

1.3.1. Common complaint that supervisors can't support exam preparation Manage expectation Know who to refer to Supervisors that have been recent registrars Supervisors need to havea a good working knowledge of exam segments ? webinar series for supervisors

1.4. Remediation

1.5. Identifying weaknesses

1.6. Clinical Teaching

2. ? Teaching training

2.1. New supervisors

2.1.1. Orientation

3. Feedback on regisrar

3.1. Feedback on supervisor

4. Supervisor Accountability

4.1. Poor contact

4.2. How quickly do we realise when things aren't working

5. Registrars becoming a supervisor

5.1. Barriers

5.1.1. Confidence Not aware of the support available

6. Stand alone supervisor workshop

6.1. Cultural trainng

6.2. Junior or potentail suuper visor support