Transport activities of proximal convoluted tubule

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Transport activities of proximal convoluted tubule by Mind Map: Transport activities of proximal convoluted tubule

1. 1.Active removal of ions & organic substrates.

1.1. Produce osmotic h20flow out of tubular fluid

1.2. Reduces volume of filtrate

1.3. Keeps solutions inside & outside tubule isotonic

2. 2.PCT & Descending Limb(Loop of henley)

2.1. H20 moves into peritubular fluids,leaving highly concentrated tubular fluid

2.2. Reduction in volume occurs by obligatory h20 reabsorption

3. 3.Thick ascending Limb

3.1. Tubular cells actively transport Na+ & Cl- out of tubule

3.2. Urea accounts for higher proportion of total osmotic concertration

4. 4.DCT & Collecting ducts

4.1. Final adjustments in composition of tubular fluid.

4.2. Osmotic concentration is adjusted through active transport

4.3. Final adjustments in volume & osmotic concentration of tubular fluid

4.4. Exposure to ADH determines final urine

5. 5. Vasa Recta

5.1. Absorbs solutes & h20 reabsorbed by nephron loop & the ducts

5.2. Maintains concentration gradient of medulla

6. 6.Urine Production

6.1. Ends when fluid enters the renal pelvis