Features of Scientific Writing

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Features of Scientific Writing by Mind Map: Features of Scientific Writing

1. Tenses and Concordance

1.1. Tenses

1.1.1. Past used in methodoly and results

1.1.2. Present facts, introduction and general findings

1.1.3. Future things in the future

1.2. Concordances

1.2.1. subject and verb concordance

2. the article, the noun and the adjectivation

2.1. The article and noun adjectivation

2.1.1. SINGULAR:e.g a paper

2.1.2. PLURAL: e.g paper (material)

2.1.3. Definite (the computer ) Indefinite ( A computer)

2.1.4. Proper nouns- no articles in names, lakes, countries ( except few exceptions),

2.2. the adjectivation

2.2.1. adjectives precede nouns, adverbs precede adjectives. Qualifying adjectives must be avoided.

3. Passives and Actives


3.1.1. Intrasitive verbs cant use passives

3.1.2. Use the passive when the subject is used upon

3.1.3. Use the active voice when the subject is the actor

3.1.4. REASONS TO USE PASIVES 1.facts stand on their own 2.removes some accusations of bias 3.presents a feeling of object

3.1.5. Example: Students were chased by a killer

4. Connectors


4.1.1. conjunctions that join terms that are equals (e.g. and, or, but, for, nor, so, yet).


4.2.1. conjunctions that show inequality or a relationship of dependence or limitation (e.g. if, as, when, because).

5. Spelling and accuracy

5.1. avoid misspelled words

5.2. careful screening before submitting

5.3. be consistent: avoid mixing British and American English

5.4. Do not hyphenate Latin expressions

5.5. Never use contractions

5.6. Use a spellchecker

5.7. Do not use unnecessary commas.

5.8. Proofread before you submit

5.9. Use nonbreaking spaces and hyphens