Partial Struggles Discussion

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Partial Struggles Discussion by Mind Map: Partial Struggles Discussion

1. Reoccurring Themes of Discussions

1.1. How can we define "Reform" in this period?

1.2. How can we define "Partial Struggles" in this period?

1.3. This is a very complex issue, others groups have varying definitions and terminology

1.4. Reforms have never been mere economic gains

1.5. There are inconsistencies and/or disagreements with the theory that: "No reforms are possible under decomposition"

1.6. Are certain victories against sexism, racism, etc "real", even if they have a congealed class character?

1.7. Actions which strengthen the consciousness and unity of the proletariat are revolutionary and communist

1.8. No concession has ever been made that truly challenged the power of the ruling class

2. Current Definitions & Terminology

2.1. The "Official" Definition

2.1.1. New node

2.2. ICC Platform Point No. 12

2.3. Terms we've used together without much discretion:

3. Comrades Ideas & Thoughts

3.1. David's Thoughts

3.2. Joe's Thoughts

3.3. Margarita's Thoughts

3.4. Anna's Thoughts