Decision-Making Model

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Decision-Making Model by Mind Map: Decision-Making Model

1. Situation: team building is important and quality of decisions is valued more than the speed of making them; creativity and innovative ideas are expected from followers. organizations that need to be transformed.

2. Leader-Centered (Authoritarian Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Charismatic Leadership)

2.1. Leader presents power over followers. Hierarchical structures.

2.2. Situation: organizations that are going through significant changes, little time for team decision-making and the leader possesses the most expertise on a subject or issue

2.3. Advantages: quick decision making Strong motivate and satisfy leader who dictate terms

2.4. Disad: lead to frustration,low moral and conflict among subordinates. Shirk responsibility and initiative

3. Team-Centered (Participative Leadership, Transformational Leadership...)

3.1. Ad: Exchange of ideas among members Improve quality of decision

3.2. Disad: time consuming ...

4. Normative Leadership Model

4.1. Determine the level of participation to use in given level

4.2. Decide: leader makes the decision alone, relying on her own expertise

4.3. Consult individually: leader presents the problem to the individual team members, collects individual feedback, and makes the decision

4.4. Consult the group: leader presents the problem in a team meeting, collects group feedback, and makes the decision.

4.5. Facilitate: leader presents the problem in a team meeting, acting as a facilitator, with the goal of reaching a unified decision as a team

4.6. Delegate: leader allows the team to make the decision