Characteristics of Student Centered Pedagogy

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Characteristics of Student Centered Pedagogy by Mind Map: Characteristics of Student Centered Pedagogy

1. Individual learner

1.1. Form concepts from information displayed

1.2. Making sense of ideas and creating concepts and knowledge

1.3. Open to new information

2. Students as co-creators of learning

2.1. Assist the teacher with teaching strategies

2.2. Taking thing s the students are interested in and from lesson plans around them

2.3. Through observation

3. Comfortable environment

3.1. Fosters learning faster compared to a place where they are bored

3.2. Motivates them to learn

3.3. Students feel accepted

4. Learning can happen anytime and anywhere

4.1. Not set for only in classrooms

4.2. Any period of the day

5. bacground knowledge and experience

5.1. Previous knowledge learnt

5.2. Activities and trips

5.3. Things they learned before and outside the current class

6. Gained responsibilities

6.1. Unconscious learning

6.2. Taking task upon oneself unconsciously

6.3. Doing more than the usual

7. Learning goes both ways

7.1. From student to teacher

7.2. From teacher to student

7.3. From peers to peers

7.4. parent to child