How mobile app using AI and augmented reality can change the way of cycling for students ?

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How mobile app using AI and augmented reality can change the way of cycling for students ? by Mind Map: How mobile app using AI and augmented reality can change the way of cycling for students ?

1. Sport

1.1. Cycling as a sport

1.1.1. Be healthy

1.1.2. Training to be better

1.1.3. Cycle trail

1.1.4. Relax

1.1.5. With friends

1.2. Get data about us

1.2.1. Heart pulse

1.2.2. Breathing

1.2.3. Calories burnt

1.2.4. Training diary

1.2.5. Distance done

1.2.6. Speed

1.3. Augmented reality

1.3.1. Can choose a specific paysage instead of habitual landscape Central park Amazon forest Paris road Jurassic Park

1.3.2. See data in your view Bpm Speed Distance Time Ideal traject

1.3.3. Combined with Smartphone Reality virtual headset

1.3.4. User will be aware of the obstacles Others people Red lights Cars Buildings

1.4. Machine learning

1.4.1. Program to train us

1.4.2. Depending on Time Date Geographical zone User conditions BPM Blood pressure Age Weight Body fat Body muscle

2. GPS

2.1. Get a path

2.1.1. The speedest

2.1.2. The shortest

2.1.3. The safest

2.1.4. The chillest

2.1.5. The easiest

2.2. Avoid trafic

2.2.1. Real time data

2.2.2. avoid accidents

2.2.3. avoid worked road

2.3. User tracking to inform relatives or police where he is lost

2.3.1. Less fear

2.3.2. Safety

2.3.3. For elders, young, children ...

2.4. Machine learnig

2.4.1. Path Propose a path the user will like Speedest Most beautiful landscape Shortest Most challenging Depending of Habitude of user Time Traffic Weather Accidents /dangerosity Geographical zone

2.4.2. User tracking Location prediction using GPS trackers: Can machine learning help locate the missing people with dementia?

2.4.3. AI in GPS Detect the transport mode (cycle or not) Memory for the future How ? GPS with AI Github AI in GPS navigation systems

2.5. Augmented reality in GPS

2.5.1. Virtual path that guides you

2.5.2. Prototype designs use augmented reality to make urban cycling safer

2.5.3. Google maps

2.5.4. Sygic GPS navigation

3. Music

3.1. Everybody listen music

3.2. Enjoy music

3.3. Statistics

3.3.1. 80% of 15-24 years old listen music

3.3.2. People are listening 3 hours per day

3.4. Many apps

3.4.1. Phone native app Samsung player Apple music player

3.4.2. Spotify

3.4.3. Deezer

3.4.4. Apple music

3.4.5. Google music

3.5. Different kinds of music

3.5.1. Rap

3.5.2. Pop

3.5.3. Classical

3.5.4. Reggae

3.5.5. Rock

3.5.6. Jazz

3.5.7. Metal

3.6. Machine learning

3.6.1. What ? Music chosen among the music library of user Music recommendation Music generation

3.6.2. Depending of factors Personality Mood Intensity of cycling Geographical zone Time Date

3.6.3. Combined with Connected watch Heart pulse Blood pressure Activity of the user On social app Research on internet Real time event Press Article Social media Web

3.6.4. How ? Collaborative filtering and deep learning research article Yahoo basic music recommendation github Music generation AI NLP

4. Mobile app

4.1. What is it ?

4.1.1. Application software on mobile device such phone, tablet or watch

4.1.2. Statistics More than 205 billions mobile app downloaded More than 5 millions mobile app

4.1.3. How to create ? Building a Mobile App: Design and Program Your Own App! Developed in java, C,C++, javascript .... A Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your First Mobile App

4.2. Where ?

4.2.1. Smartphone Everybody has one on him, more than 2.7 billions people has one Can download app on ... Google Play App Store Free or paid Every functionality on one device Light weight No more expenses

4.2.2. Connected Watch Introducing Apple Watch Series 5 More and more people have a connected watch Multiplied by 15 between 2014 and 2017 from 5 to 75 millions Light weight Can download app on ... Google play App Store Free or paid Can take human body data

4.3. Why ?

4.3.1. Better than ... Website Upside Downside Specific device Upside Downside

4.3.2. SocialCycle what can a mobile app do to encourage cycling? Like a game Make friends Be on time Better environment with less pollution Be healthy by doing sport

4.3.3. Advantages Quick Easy Cheap Can have multiple app with just one device Access to phone features Work offline

4.4. Data

4.4.1. Database Lot of information Updated daily Large choice API

4.4.2. Own data Collect our data : phone, calendar, location Better functionality because it is personalized Dangers Sell our data Know everything: who where when Spy Here are the ‘sinister’ dangers that could arise from companies collecting our data, according to a computer scientist George Orwell's 1984: Why it still matters - BBC News

5. Students

5.1. Who ?

5.1.1. People between 15-26 years old

5.1.2. Apprentice

5.1.3. Trainee

5.1.4. High school students

5.1.5. University students

5.2. Why ?

5.2.1. Need to move Moving to school Moving inside university Between the buildings To one course to another To one activity to another Campus Report: The student bike | Wageningen University & Research Moving to the center of the town Party Restaurants Activities Do shopping Buy food Moving to the place of internship or apprenticeship

5.2.2. Troubles for moving Car Traffic congestion Expensive Pollution Failure Public transport Lot of people Demonstration Not adapted for our time schedule Failure Cycle Not enough cycle pathway Accidents because vulnerable

5.2.3. People Make friends Share moments Be sociable

5.2.4. No pollution against environment

5.2.5. Health Like a sport Breaking away Burn calories Heart working

5.2.6. Everyone has a smartphone