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Conditionals by Mind Map: Conditionals

1. Type 2 (Second Conditional)

1.1. Usage

1.1.1. Express an imaginary or unlikely situation in the present or future If John were here, he would tell us what to do.

1.2. From

1.2.1. If + S + V.2 , S+ would + base form

1.2.2. S + would + base form + if + S + v.2

2. Type 0 (Zero Conditional)

2.1. Usage

2.1.1. express something which is always true If you leave meat in the oven for a long time, it burns

2.1.2. express something which is laws of nature If the temperature falls below 0 c, water turns into ice.

2.2. From

2.2.1. If + Present Simple, Present Simple If + S + V.1, S+ V.1

2.2.2. Present Simple + If + Present Simple S+V.1 if S + V.1

3. What is Conditional clause?

3.1. A conditional clause consists of two parts: the if-clause (hypothesis), which begins with the word if, and the main clause, which shows the result of the hypothesis.

3.2. When the if-clause comes before the main clause , we separate them with a comma. When the main clause comes before the if-clause, we do not use a comma.

4. Type 1 (Frist Conditional))

4.1. Usage

4.1.1. Express a possible situation in the present or future If he does not get here soon, we will have to start the meeting without him.

4.1.2. From If + S + V.1, S+ will + base form (infinitive) S + will + base form + if + S + V.1