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The Why by Mind Map: The Why

1. Self-organization means becoming accountable to the purpose of the company rather than to the manager. It starts by being responsible to yourself and your team, not to your boss.

2. The traditional manager functions are distributed across teams.

3. Self-organization means giving people an active role to transform the organization.

3.1. Accelerate team buy-in and ownership

3.2. Leverage internal autonomy leading to high-performance

3.3. Build an innovative and creative culture

4. Decision-making?

4.1. Depending from maturity

5. Bring your whole selve to work

6. How to start

6.1. Titles to roles

6.2. Ongoing feedback

6.3. Encourage to resolve conflicts productively

6.4. Distribute authority

6.5. Transparency

6.6. Psychological safety