Paul's Ethical Dilemma

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Paul's Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Paul's Ethical Dilemma

1. Scenario 2: Do nothing and don't record any results at all.

1.1. Positive Impact: Won't positively or negatively effect the results.

1.2. Negative Impact: The GPO could get upset with him, and possibly fire him.

2. Scenario 3: Change the results and criteria to show improvement.

2.1. Positive Impact: There will be improvement in participants, and GPO and department director will like the improvement.

2.2. Negative Impact: It could effect the rest of his career as an occupational therapist, and future study participants.

3. Scenario 1: Record the actual results.

3.1. Positive Impact: He displays true data from the case study for future study participants.

3.2. Negative Impact: The GPO (project officer) could possibly fire him, and he won't become tenured.

4. Scenario 4: Talk to your colleague about his idea to change the results, and make a plan to create improvement.

4.1. Positive Impact: Everyone will be happy, and Paul won't get in trouble.

4.2. Negative Impact: The GPO and director might want to see improvement quickly, and if there's not enough improvement it could effect his job.

5. Final Decision: Go back to your colleague and work together to generate new ideas to get more participants.

5.1. Core Values: Truth and Freedom

5.2. Ethical Principals: Justice and Veracity

5.2.1. Paul informed employers, colleagues, employees, students, and researchers of policies, laws, and Official Documents. (AOTA, 2015, pg. 2).

5.2.2. Paul provided accurate information while representing the profession, not false or misleading claims (AOTA, 2015, pg. 6).

6. Stakeholders:

6.1. Paul (occupational therapist)

6.2. Future study participants

6.3. Paul's colleague

6.4. Government project officer (GPO)

6.5. Department director