Anna's Ethical Dilemma Anna (OT) & Stella (Client)

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Anna's Ethical Dilemma Anna (OT) & Stella (Client) by Mind Map: Anna's Ethical Dilemma Anna (OT) & Stella (Client)

1. Stakeholders: Anna Stella Stella's husband Cultural community Anna's supervisor

2. Scenario 1: Do nothing (listens to therapist) Stella becomes independent

2.1. Positive Outcome: Husband is accepting of new independent lifestyle

2.1.1. Negative Outcome: 1) Stella wants to depend on her husband again 2) Patriarchal views of community

3. Scenario 2: Ask for Stella's husband's opinion and base it on his decision

3.1. Positive Outcome: Stella agrees with her husband's decision on which course of action to take

3.1.1. Negative Outcome: Stella and her husband have different views on the decision

4. Scenario 3: Decide to continue to be dependent on Stella's husband without asking for his opinion on the matter

4.1. Positive Outcome: Stella's husband is more than willing to continue to take care of Stella, but not involved in the decision making process

4.1.1. Negative Outcome: Stella's husband is not willing to continue to take care of Stella and reports Anna for breaking the Code of Ethics

5. Scenario 4: Make a decision based on Stella's best interest while the input of her husband's opinions are still present

5.1. Positive Outcome: Stella and her husband agree on the decision being made without any difficulties and still abide by their community's values

5.1.1. Negative Outcome: Stella's husband does not agree with the decision but is still involved in all aspects of the decision making process

6. Chosen Course of Action: Scenario 4

6.1. Core Values: Freedom and Dignity

6.2. Ethical Principles: Autonomy and Justice