Behaviourism theories

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Behaviourism theories by Mind Map: Behaviourism theories

1. Classical conditioning

1.1. Ivan pavlov: He has successfully association an unconditioned response with conditioned stimulus , eventually creating a conditioned response. Principals about based on this experiment are: 1) Generalizations 2) Discrimination 3)Extinction 2) spontaneous recovary.

1.2. Watson"Little Albert" experiment: Watson was interested in examining the of conditioning on the fear response in humans and he introduced Albert for the fear items such as Rats,and observed that he didn't fear of them. So Watson allowed to Albert to play with the rat and during his playing Watson suddenly banged a hammer metal bar. The sound startled Albert and caused him to cry. Watson repeated that each time Albert play with the rat. Watson was able to successfully conditioned Albert to fear the rat because of its association with the loud sound.

2. Operant conditioning

2.1. Operant conditioning is the relation between stimulus and Reponse

2.2. Operant conditioning:. 1) Law of effect: relationship between stimulus and response will increase or decrease based on the consequence of this relation. 2) Trial and error: so when I fail in something, I will try and try again until I success on it.