ICT-infused Science Lesson Plan

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ICT-infused Science Lesson Plan by Mind Map: ICT-infused Science Lesson Plan

1. Notes

1.1. P6 Energy - Forms and Uses of Energy

1.2. P6 Energy - Sources of Energy

1.3. Method of Instruction - CoL and SDL strategies

1.4. Method of Evaluation - VoiceThread and Mind Meister maps

2. Lesson SIOs

2.1. Recap the various forms of energy and their uses

2.1.1. Differentiate amongst the different forms of energy

2.2. Observe the conversion of energy from one form to another and report the findings

2.2.1. Bill Nye Video

2.2.2. Forms of energies

2.3. Understand the need and importance of using energy wisely in daily life

2.3.1. Using energy from: The Sun Moving water The wind From fuels

3. Prerequisites

3.1. Pre lesson

3.1.1. Teacher and pupil accounts

3.1.2. Concepts of the various forms of energies and their uses

3.1.3. Preparation of applications

3.2. During lesson

3.2.1. Mobile carts TA support - laptops allocation

3.2.2. Clear and specific instructions

3.2.3. Online/Offline pupils' presentation

3.3. Post lesson

3.3.1. Review of lesson and concepts learned

3.3.2. Addressing misconceptions if needed

4. Resources

4.1. ICT Mobile Cart

4.2. ICT HOD/IT Mentors/TA

4.3. Computer Lab