Who I Am- Individual Cultural Identity

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Who I Am- Individual Cultural Identity by Mind Map: Who I Am- Individual Cultural Identity

1. Vocation

1.1. Occupational field-Service Industry

1.1.1. Profession-bartender Employing organization-The Modern Hotel & Bar Subunit of organization-hospitality

2. Class

2.1. Economic class-middle class

2.1.1. Social class-working class Educational class-College educated

3. Geography

3.1. Nationality-American

3.1.1. State and city-Idaho, Boise Density identification-urban, small city

4. Philosophy

4.1. Religious identity-atheist

4.1.1. Political identity-liberal Identity based on other philosophies-?

5. Language

5.1. First language-English

5.1.1. Dialect-American Other languages-none

6. Biological traits with cultural aspects

6.1. Race-white

6.1.1. Ethnicity-American Gender-male Sexual orientation-straight