Clubhouse Dilemma

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Clubhouse Dilemma by Mind Map: Clubhouse Dilemma

1. Brief Description

1.1. Candace - 30 y/o, computer programmer, has chronic schizophrenia became a member of a local clubhouse

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Candace and other clients

2.2. Eleanor and other staff members

2.3. Hannah and the OT department possibly the hospital

3. Possible Actions

3.1. Just to “forget the whole thing”

3.1.1. Positive Outcomes: Less risk Clubhouse Membership

3.1.2. Negative Outcomes: False information

3.2. Disclose the information

3.2.1. Positive Outcomes: Correct information Addresses ethical concerns

3.2.2. Negative Outcomes: Greater risk Credibility risk

4. Chosen Course of Action

4.1. Disclose the information

5. Core Values

5.1. Altruism

5.2. Truth

6. Ethical Principles

6.1. Beneficence

6.2. Veracity