Ecology and Geography

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Ecology and Geography by Mind Map: Ecology and Geography

1. Compressibility

2. Ecology

2.1. Community

2.1.1. Habitat Biomes

2.1.2. Emergent properties Species richness Composition Structure Horizontal stratification Vertical stratification Physiognomy Diversity Successional status

2.2. Branches of ecology

2.2.1. Autecology

2.2.2. Synecology Density

2.2.3. Population ecology Emergent properties Size Distribution pattern Demographic Parameters The population growth rate Population structure

2.2.4. Ecosystem ecology Enviroment Biotic factors Abiotic factors

2.3. Method of study

2.3.1. Observe and measure phenomena or characterization

2.3.2. Form Hypothesis

2.3.3. Experiment

2.3.4. Make Conclusions

3. Geography

3.1. Divisions of geography

3.1.1. Human Geography Cultural Landscape Auxiliary sciences Anthropology Demography History Economy Political science

3.1.2. Physical Geography Geographical facts Natural landscape Geographical phenomena Volcanism Seismecity Auxilary sciences Biogeography Meteorology Hydrology Geology Geophysics

3.1.3. Biological Geography Climate Elements

3.2. Geographical science

3.2.1. Methodological principles Location Causality Relation Generality Evolution

3.2.2. geographical references Hemispheres Poles Equator Meridians Parallels

3.2.3. Cartography Maps Kinds of maps Elements

3.3. Galaxies

3.3.1. Spiral shape Milky way Solar system

3.3.2. Elliptic shape

3.3.3. Irregular shape