Becoming Excellent

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Becoming Excellent by Mind Map: Becoming Excellent

1. Distraction Control

1.1. Accept that you are able to be distracted by things

1.2. Allow the different distractions to enter your mind

1.3. Make a plan for not letting these distractions take over

2. Best way to personally focus

2.1. My way to focus may be different teammate's way of focusing

2.2. Trust that I know what is best for me

2.3. Do not let someone pressure me into changing how I focus

3. Effective Refocus Plan

3.1. Have a plan for what to do when I do get distracted

3.2. Let your refocus plan help you eliminate bad energy

3.3. Stay in control of my thoughts

4. Staying confident

4.1. Understand that loosing does not mean that I am not good at something

4.2. Know that I am here because I deserve to be

4.3. Believe in myself and what I have to offer

5. Turn nerves into good energy

5.1. Practice Pressure!

5.2. Leave your outside problems at the barn door!

5.3. Be in the moment and trust your training

6. Focus Plan

6.1. Expect the unexpected

6.2. Be as prepared as possible

6.2.1. Tell a teammate the pattern

6.2.2. Practice harder then you will show

6.3. Use positive imaging

6.3.1. Picture the pattern going as planned

7. Saying composed

7.1. Do not let nerves get the best of you

7.2. Hold yourself accountable to your focus plan

7.3. Put faith into teammates