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Language Change by Mind Map: Language Change

1. Variation and Change

1.1. Post vocalic (r) - its spread and its status

1.1.1. (r) sound used changes its prestige .

1.2. The spread of vernicular forms

1.2.1. Influence by social group

1.3. Koines and Koineisation

1.3.1. often happens when people with different dialect communicate with monolingual communities.

2. How do changes spread

2.1. from group to group

2.2. from style to style

2.2.1. The way the words are used by people

2.3. from word to word

2.3.1. influenced by another language

3. How do we study language change

3.1. Apparent study for language change

3.1.1. the differences of speech between various generations.

3.2. real time study

4. Reasons for language change

4.1. Social status

4.1.1. the language change is rapid and it needs good attention

4.1.2. the differences of speaking style between foreign speaker and native speaker

4.1.3. ethnic groups (dominant language)

4.2. Gender

4.2.1. the differences of character between men and women