Yusuf Samaila

Yusuf Map

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Yusuf Samaila by Mind Map: Yusuf Samaila

1. Visual

1.1. Watching a video

1.1.1. Learn how to animate a website navigation in three hours

2. Auditory

2.1. Podcast

2.1.1. Learn about the buzzing web Technologies for 2020

2.1.2. Keep up to date with emerging web Technologies

2.1.3. Learn softskills needed in the IT industry

3. Reflexive

3.1. Learn during an accident

3.1.1. Be able to run through fire when a fire outbreak occurs

4. Social

4.1. Discussion Forum

4.1.1. Collaborate to build an open source API for schools in the neighbourhood

4.1.2. Teach IT to the school kids in the community

4.1.3. Organize meetups for beginners for encouragement

5. Logical-Theoretical

5.1. By Mnemonics or shapes

5.1.1. Learn ancient Egyptian signs

6. Linguistic

6.1. Learning a Human Language

6.1.1. Learn to speak Spanish in three months

7. Practical

7.1. Building a project

7.1.1. I want to build a portfolio in two months

7.1.2. I want to sharpen my turn around time for a project

7.1.3. I want to build for non profits while learning