Determinants of health

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Determinants of health by Mind Map: Determinants of health

1. Social structural

1.1. SES

1.1.1. Women have lower SES

1.1.2. Women are in lower income quitiles

1.1.3. Women work in lower status occupations

1.1.4. Women remain economically disadvantaged in U.S.

1.1.5. Women have greater limits on access to health-related resources

1.2. Activity status

1.2.1. Women carry a double day

1.2.2. Women work in the home caring for a family

1.3. Age

1.3.1. Women are older

1.4. Social support

1.4.1. Women have more social support

1.4.2. Women have stronger support networks

1.5. Family arrangement

1.5.1. More women live alone or as single parent

2. Behavioural

2.1. Smoking

2.1.1. Men more likely to smoke

2.2. Alcohol consumption

2.2.1. Men drink more and more often

2.3. Exercise

2.3.1. Men engage in high levels of regular exercise

2.4. Diet

2.4.1. Men are more overweight

2.4.2. Women are more obese

2.4.3. Men eat less healthy diet

2.5. Risky behaviour

2.5.1. Men tend to engage in more health-damaging behaviors Men experience more unintentional injuries

2.6. Violence

2.6.1. Women experience more sexual and intimate partner violence

2.6.2. Men have higher rates of suicide and homicide

3. Psychosocial

3.1. Critical life events

3.1.1. Women experience more stressful life events

3.1.2. Women report more childhood trauma

3.2. Stress

3.2.1. Women experience more chronic stressors in everyday life

3.3. Psychological resources

3.3.1. Women report lower levels of Self-esteem Mastery Coherence