Wearable Network Architecture

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Wearable Network Architecture by Mind Map: Wearable Network Architecture

1. Communication Technology

1.1. Wired

1.1.1. Electrical

1.1.2. Referred as transmission line (TC)

1.2. Wireless

1.2.1. Optical

1.2.2. Ultrasound/ radio frequency (RF)

2. Network Topology

2.1. Bus Topology

2.1.1. Advantage Faster than a ring network

2.1.2. Disadvantage Proper bus termination is required

2.2. Star Topology

2.2.1. Advantage Easy to implement, even in large networks

2.2.2. Disadvantage Hard to extend

2.3. Hierarchical Topology

2.3.1. Advantage Easy to extend

2.3.2. Disadvantage The bigger in size the more difficult is to configure

2.4. Ring Topology

2.4.1. Advantage Data is quickly transferred without communication bottleneck

2.4.2. Disadvantage If any communication path breaks, the entire network goes down

2.5. Mesh Topology

2.5.1. Advantage Communication within the network is guaranteed, as it provides many communication channels

2.5.2. Disadvantage Expensive

3. Wearable Sysrem Design

3.1. User-centered design methodology

3.1.1. Requirement Specification

3.1.2. Scenario Generation

3.1.3. Option Reduction

3.1.4. Design and Evaluation