Encourage public transport experience for students with a mobile app

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Encourage public transport experience for students with a mobile app by Mind Map: Encourage public transport experience for students with a mobile app

1. Public transport for student

1.1. cheap schemes and fares

1.1.1. France Bordeaux Lyon Ile-de-France

1.1.2. The Netherlands

1.1.3. England

1.1.4. Affordability of Public Transportin Developing Countries

1.2. Best public transports in the world

1.2.1. Berlin

1.2.2. Shanghai

1.2.3. Londres

1.3. Free public transport

1.3.1. Germany

2. Who are the students we are talking about ?

2.1. disabled people

2.2. undisabled people

2.3. Who uses public transport ?

3. Student experience

3.1. what do students want to experience ?

3.1.1. light

3.1.2. Help and guidance good design and sign posting Having the ability to make claims, to propose some modifications or improvements

3.1.3. no surprises, no breakdowns

3.1.4. A stable and reliable functioning no more delays at school

3.1.5. independance

3.1.6. speed of journeys

3.1.7. good accessibility Good transport frequency in outer suburbs Services to make "the last kilometer" home from public transport stops

3.1.8. feel the benefit of being accomodated at the expense of others

3.1.9. Kindness from the Commuters community

3.1.10. Safety An effective institution that fights against sexual harassment and assaults Capacity to report incidents

3.1.11. Ability to travel with their friends

3.1.12. Cheap subscriptions There are a inequalities in terms of costs In France for example

4. Transport with a mobile app

4.1. Smart transport

4.1.1. 10 Best smart apps Paid Apps England Free apps Worldise England

4.1.2. Apps for travelers in Europe Michelin Travel Fly Europe

4.1.3. Smart Ap

4.2. smartmobile phones capable of utilizing the location and positioning services

4.2.1. Satellite positioning

4.2.2. Cellular positioning

4.2.3. Wifi positioning

4.3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies

4.4. These technologies need to be better exploited

4.4.1. mobile application developed for Imam University Transportation System

4.4.2. an intension to help in having an efficient and effective management of public transport.

4.5. storing the day-by-day information that a public transport vehicles produce

4.5.1. manage better the movements of public transport vehicles

4.6. location-based services

4.6.1. Privacy concerns A study shows that the concern is less strong as people may think. (Around half of the people questioned)

4.7. build a web application for observing buses movements in real time. thanks a tracking and positioning system

4.7.1. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): positioning and tracking: providing a mobile application that will benefit passengers to get to a bus stop without wasting any time.

4.7.2. a GPS Tracking System on the University bus station in Albany This system sendsthe different locations that the bus passes by to the users of the system

4.8. Ride Systems GPS3.

4.8.1. the time when their next bus will arrive.

4.8.2. find stops

4.8.3. arrival times for a particular route

4.9. increase safety

4.9.1. save and sound system This system enables parents to monitor their children’s locations. A secure zone will be created beyond which a child may not travel

4.9.2. the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States has mandated all wireless service providers to provide an E-911 service whereby the mobile user location is reported when they dial an emergency call

4.9.3. The GPS Phone Tracking Pro application it simple to track the movements of other mobile devices by allowing observers to find the exact location of the observed users and getting real-time updates about their movements.

4.9.4. U Safe Tracker application purpose is the safety of the observed users by reporting their locations to the observers Set the application to send the observed user’s location every 30 minutes or at a specific time only (e.g. 9:00 PM every day).If no location signal is received after 30 minutes (or at a time specified by the observer), the phone’s owner may be in danger.

4.10. Mobile Tracker

4.10.1. tracks lost mobile phones

4.11. Mobile Number Tracker

4.11.1. provides information about calls that are received from unknown numbers and observers will be able to find out the location of the caller