Learning from the research process

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Learning from the research process by Mind Map: Learning from the research process

1. Be flexible

1.1. timeline

1.2. materials

2. Be reflective

2.1. keep a journal

2.2. take anecdotal notes to support results

2.3. Ask: Am I getting the results I anticipated? Why? Why not?

3. Enhance instruction

3.1. Research is often designed to solve or better understand an issue, resulting in tailored instruction

3.2. Research-based strategies are often used

3.3. Research is often supported by published literature resulting in "best practices" being used

4. Meaningful tasks

4.1. Example: Students are often working over a period of time on a project, they see the "why" behind tasks to help them represent learning

4.1.1. Boosts student engagement

5. Becoming an "Expert"

5.1. teacher researchers often develop in depth knowledge about their research topic

5.2. leadership oppurtunities