Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Children

Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Children

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Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Children by Mind Map: Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Children

1. Introduction- We have all heard the debate of whether or not too much screen time is bad for our kids. I am here to tell you how too much screen time can have a detrimental effect on our children

1.1. -For years doctors and scientist have studied the effects of screen time and children's physical and mental health.1

1.2. -Physically it is causing weight gain and leading to health problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

1.3. -Mentally it is causing aggression as well as learning delays in our children

1.4. Thesis- Today I will explain how too much screen time can have negative effects on our children and hopefully after, you will agree with me as well.

1.5. Transition- We will begin by looking at the negative effects screen times has on our children's sleep

2. Body 2 Physical Effects on Children's Health

2.1. - The increase in screen time a child has increases their chances of health problems.

2.2. According to The Vision Council, 72 percent of American parents report their children routinely engage in more than two hours of screen time per day.

2.3. The Vision Council says 30 percent of parents report their children experience at least one of the following symptoms after being exposed to more than two hours of screen time per day: Headaches Neck/shoulder pain Eye strain, dry or irritated eyes Reduced attention span Poor behavior Irritability.

2.4. Another effect of too much screen time for kids is obesity.

2.5. When children have too much screen time it can hinder them from engaging in physical activity. this can lead them to gaining weight and becoming physically unfit.

2.6. Transition- Not only does too much screen time cause physical effects, it also affects the child's mental health and can lead to behavioral issues as well.

2.7. Add statistics to presentation for this group.

3. Body 1 Negative Effects on Childs Sleep

3.1. The average child needs 10-12 hours of sleep each night in order for them to grow and develop properly, but screen time is shaving off hours of that much-needed sleep time. The average child is constantly sleep deprived and trying to learn, grow and develop on 6-8 hours of sleep per night at the most. (https://habyts.com/6-negative-effects-much-screen-time-kids/)

3.2. -Children who have electronic devices in their rooms get less sleep than children who do not have electronic devices in their rooms.

3.3. The blue light emitted interrupts the sleep by making the body think it is time to wake up, disturbing the childs sleep.

3.4. Kids who suffer sleep deprivation can lack decision making skills, have a shorter attention span, increased risk of obesity, as well as many other health problems caused from too much screen time.

4. Body 3 Mental Effects on Children's Health

4.1. Too much screen time in a young child can make them become less engaged with their environment because there is less sensory stimulation.

4.2. A sensory deprived child has less brain development compared to children who are stimulated by their environment.

4.3. It also weakens the child's communication and social skills. Studies show that kids who interact with parents and peers have more of a language development than those who have screen time.

4.4. The pace of images in cartoons are fast, and children are becoming used to this. Because of this when a child is in a classroom they consider their teacher to be slow and sees them as boring.

4.5. Screen time causes children to be hyperactive. It can also cause aggressiveness as well.

4.6. These shows can cause the viewer to suppress their emotions which can impair memory and can make you less smart.

5. Conclusion

5.1. Summary- Although we may find it convenient to le our children have screen time, it is actually harmful to their health. It can cause physical as well as mental problems for our children. Physically it can cause body aches, headaches, eye strain, and even obesity. It can cause behavior problems, hyperactivity, and even aggression. Too much screen time can also cause a child to be sleep deprived. This is something that is preventable. Instead of screen time our kids should be playing and enjoying activities such as playing outside.

5.2. Clincher- Hopefully parents will now agree that screen time for children should be very limited, and are now aware of the consequences of overexposure to screen time.