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Teaching Speaking by Mind Map: Teaching Speaking

1. Goals

1.1. Students should talk a lot

1.1.1. Students must talk by themselves

1.2. Language used should be of an acceptable level

1.2.1. Students should express themselves by using relevant language.

2. Problems

2.1. Shyness and inhibitions

2.1.1. They are afraid of making mistakes.

2.2. They don't find things to say

2.2.1. They complain they can't think anything to say

2.2.2. They need to feel they have something relevant and original to contribute in class

2.3. Low participation in class

2.3.1. They speak very little or not at all.

2.4. L1 use

2.4.1. They feel comfortable to talk each other in their ow language

3. Design of speaking activities

3.1. Use group or pair work.

3.2. Base the activity on easy language.

3.3. Make a careful choice of the topic to stimulate interest.

3.4. Make students aware of the purpose of the activity.

4. Practical tips while teaching

4.1. Discussion leaders

4.2. L1 monitors

4.3. Pair work

4.4. Correcting errors

4.5. Feedback

5. Topic based

5.1. It asks the participants to talk about a topic

5.1.1. Students can relate using ideas from their own experience and knowledge

6. Task based

6.1. It asks the participants to perform a task

6.1.1. It requires the group or a pair to achieve in the form of an observable result.

7. Activities

7.1. Dialogues

7.2. Describing pictures

7.3. Picture differences

7.4. Things in common

7.5. Solving a problem

7.6. Role play

8. Advice to students

8.1. Speak clearly

8.2. Keep eye contact

8.3. Prepare the class

8.4. Supervise them when they are trying to speak with their classmates.