You Won't Have Bad Days

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You Won't Have Bad Days by Mind Map: You Won't Have Bad Days

1. Series

2. QR You Won't Have Bad Days

3. The Series

3.1. Things Jesus Never Said "You Don't Need To Forgive Them"

3.2. Next Week - Go Do What Makes You Happy

3.3. Next Week - You Get What You Deserve

3.4. In Two Weeks

3.4.1. Promo video

3.4.2. Culture wants t remake him in their image

3.5. Today- You won't Have Bad Days

4. Jesus never promised you’d always be

4.1. Healthy

4.2. Wealthy

4.3. Thin

4.4. WiFi never buffer

4.5. Best Parking spot

5. What Jesus did say John 16

5.1. John :20

5.1.1. Going to use "the world" 19 times in this speech Peace I give but not as the world I came to the world but am leaving the world and returning to the father. If the world hates you it hated me first If you belong to the world you will love it as your own Don't take them out but not of this world

5.2. John 21

5.2.1. The Pain is worth it

5.3. John 22

5.4. John 33

6. John 16:33a

6.1. Pain is a promise

6.2. Struggle is certain

6.3. Suffering

6.4. Some of you are in the middle of a difficult season

6.4.1. Feel left out

6.4.2. Overlooked

6.4.3. Rejected

6.4.4. All alone

6.5. Lost your confidence

6.5.1. Battling depression

6.5.2. Anxious Bad news Financial struggle Health challenge Relationship shambles

6.6. Pressure feels unbearable

6.6.1. Afraid

6.6.2. Hurting

6.6.3. Overwhelm

6.6.4. No one understands

7. Where is God?

7.1. Blessings in pain



8.1.1. Nero Lions eat Christians Use Christians as torches That is the Context of 1:6

8.1.2. 1 Peter 1:6 Genuine Faith Counterfeit Faith So a many are counterfeit When roots don't go deep enough Hardship proves faith In Me vs in the world In world there is trouble In Me there is peace

9. Jesus told parable about a sower who sowed seed

9.1. Thorny

9.1.1. Choked out by worries and cares of this life

9.2. Shallow

9.2.1. Trouble or persecution came

9.2.2. Quickly fell away Migraine God doesn’t love me Rejected at school God’s not real! Loved one dies of cancer— Can’t trust him!

10. A faith that has been tested is a faith that can be trusted

10.1. Hardest thing I’ve been through

10.2. Closest I’ve been to God


11.1. Prepared

11.1.1. Newsflash Ease and comfort never make you strong Go to the gym What increases strength Resistance James 1:2 James 1:3 James 1:4 Could it be that God’s preparation comes packaged as pain? Prepare Joseph Save Nation Prepare David Defeat Goliath 2 Peter

12. In world

12.1. In the world

12.1.1. Trouble. Divorce Cancer Child on drugs Abuse Facing bankruptcy

12.2. In me—In Christ

12.2.1. You have peace! 1 John 5:4 John 16:33

13. Invitation

13.1. The good news isn’t that Jesus saves us from our pain.

13.2. The good news is that Jesus saves us from our sins!

14. When Jesus doesn't "work"

14.1. But I

14.1.1. Went to church

14.1.2. Gave money

14.1.3. Served

14.2. He Never said

14.2.1. 1

14.2.2. 2

14.2.3. 3

14.2.4. 4

14.2.5. 5

14.2.6. 6

15. Quote 1