Challenge museum visit experience for families thanks to Internet of Things

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Challenge museum visit experience for families thanks to Internet of Things by Mind Map: Challenge museum visit experience for families thanks to Internet of Things

1. Changing perspective

2. Internet of Things to enhance the experience of visiting

2.1. On-site experience

2.1.1. Providing information Mobile museum guide Social media-based visit recording Outdoor mobile experience Indoor navigation system

2.1.2. Material engagement interactive museum experiences Follow trails around the site on the footsteps Networked interactive exhibits Tangible interaction Pre-visit experience what for Visitors can Visit Personalisation implementation make use of the social and contextual aspects Visitor Data Analytics How to measure

2.2. Post-visit experience

2.2.1. online activities posting and tagging photos on social media browsing the online collection sending invitations to friends

2.2.2. Feedback to visitors on What they saw What they missed Recommendation Further display Another museum

2.2.3. Tangible souvenir

2.3. Technology

2.3.1. IoT architecture Sensing Layer Network Layer Application Layer

2.3.2. For new knowledge

2.3.3. Devices NFC Bluetooth LE Wifi Smartphone Sensor

3. Museum

3.1. types

3.1.1. Archaeology museums The Agora of Athens

3.1.2. Art museums Le Louvre

3.1.3. Encyclopedic museums National Museum of China

3.1.4. Historic house museums Mount Vernon

3.1.5. History museums The Global Egyptian Museum

3.1.6. Living history museums Narayanhity Palace

3.1.7. Maritime museums San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

3.1.8. Military and war museums Musée de l'Armée.

3.1.9. Mobile museums ST. VITAL MUSEUM

3.1.10. Natural history museums American Museum of Natural History

3.1.11. Open-air museums Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

3.1.12. Science museums The Museum of Science and Industry

3.2. services provided

3.2.1. collections temporary collections permenant collections

3.2.2. souvenir shops

4. Visiting Museum

4.1. Purpose of Visiting

4.1.1. For inspiration

4.1.2. To meet like-minded individuals

4.1.3. For peace of mind

4.1.4. A tourist must-have

4.2. Methods of Visiting

4.2.1. Visiting on line How? Official Website Visiting on sites Youtube Video Blogs Social Media When Anytime Who Teachers Designers Tourists

5. Family visitors

5.1. Members

5.1.1. solo travelers

5.1.2. 'Traditional family' Parents Working Well-educated Children 5-16 years old Grandparents Other relatives

5.2. Interaction

5.2.1. Behavior Parents read graphics convey symbolic information Children manipulate exhibits transmit information solo traveler meet new people enjoy alone

5.2.2. Results Total control Provide information Influence the attitudes Stimulate learning Learn appropriate behavior in public

5.3. Need


6.1. An application

6.1.1. For Who? Solo travelers

6.1.2. What for? meet like-minded people keep control of your flexible timetable form a community which shares the same taste, value and interest

6.1.3. How Register Page Log in with your social media account Admission to supply data from social media for formulating a personal profile Upload your current position Profile Page Favorite Paintings Recent Activities Previous Matches Info page Position Description Your data(from the sensors) Map Find a match! Chat page Game Page

6.1.4. What is unique? Our definition of family:The people who share similar taste and interest Our aim is not only provide service for family but, more importantly, also for forming an unique museum meeting family Use IoT to enhance the visiting experience and feedback to visitors Unique way of building up interaction between visitors

6.1.5. What does it look like?(Click the little arrow to take a glance)

6.2. Sensors embedded in the museum