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1. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow

1.1. For:

1.1.1. Will establish Canada as a technological leader

1.1.2. Reached Mach 2 speeds, was a revolutionary plane at the time

1.1.3. Avro was the third-largest company in Canada, and was making revolutionary developments in aerospace

1.1.4. Broke 4 different records on its first test flight

1.2. Against:

1.2.1. High production costs

1.2.2. No one wanted to buy it

1.2.3. Cost six times more than it's American counterpart

1.2.4. Anti-missile systems were of higher priority

2. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons in 1963

2.1. For:

2.1.1. Important for protecting Canada against the USSR and other nations with nuclear weapons

2.1.2. The Bomarc missiles that Canada bought needed nuclear warheads to be effective

2.1.3. The US wanted Canada to have nuclear weapons to fulfil it's duty to NORAD and NATO

2.1.4. Mutually assured destruction seemed like the only way to prevent all-out nuclear war

2.2. Against:

2.2.1. Hypocritical for Canada to accept nuclear weapons while urging UN to work for disarmament

2.2.2. Nuclear war is essentially global suicide

2.2.3. Canada should focus on it's peacekeeping efforts and be a power for good instead of a weaponized force

2.2.4. America and the USSR are extremely unpredictable and it would be dangerous if Canada is caught in between while armed

2.2.5. Arming Canada may provoke the USSR

3. Canada's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis

3.1. For:

3.1.1. If Canada does not support the US, it may damage Canada-US relations

3.1.2. Canada has a duty to support the US, one of its closest allies

3.1.3. The first time the US and USSR challenged each other directly, so it is important that Canada supports them if war breaks out

3.1.4. Canada has a responsibility because they are a part of NATO and NORAD

3.2. Against:

3.2.1. Canada should not get involved in a conflict that is mostly about US interests

3.2.2. The US photographs must be verified first

3.2.3. The US had not consulted Canada earlier in the crisis and now was expecting blind support from Canada

3.2.4. Putting Canada's military on alert may provoke the USSR