Geofacets - Pros and Cons

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Geofacets - Pros and Cons by Mind Map: Geofacets - Pros and Cons

1. Web Interface

1.1. Pros

1.1.1. Pro Argument Easy to navigate Can easily get maps/tables (georreferenced images/excel files!!!) with excellent resolution Enables different ways of refining search (selecting areas, by author, combination with geological themes, environments) Can use different base maps options which helps in search (satellite image, world street map, etc) Can save your searchs and create alerts of specific themes - you can easily monitore themes of interest Proprietary data integration

1.2. Cons

1.2.1. Con Argument Some articles are Read Only and no maps/tables can be downloaded Inconsistent result in simple and advanced search The simple search for compound terms in quotes considers both terms Problem with delimited poligonal

2. API arcGIS

2.1. Pros

2.1.1. Pro Argument All web resources plus + Shows existing georreferenced information in your work area Can use to compare your mapped are with publication data Data integration

2.2. Cons

2.2.1. Con Argument Unistable Platform (Arcgis Crashes - bug in version?)