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Chemistry by Mind Map: Chemistry

1. Freezing, Melting, Boiling

1.1. Evaporation/ boiling is how a liquid converts to a gas.

1.1.1. Melting is how a solid converts to a liquid. Freezing is how a liquid converts to a solid. Condensation is how a gas converts to a liquid.

2. Properties of Matter

2.1. There are two types of properties of matter. Chemical, and physical.

2.1.1. Physical properties are properties that can be measured and observed without the matter changing. Physical properties include ability to conduct electricity, ability to conduct heat, and their boiling point.

2.1.2. Chemical properties are properties that can only be measured and observed when that matter undergoes a change. Chemical properties include reactivity, flammability, and toxicity.

3. Chemical Reactions

3.1. A chemical reaction is a reaction in which the matter changes into a completely different substance.

3.2. Some chemical reactions include rust, burning of wood, and cooking an egg.

4. States of Matter

4.1. There are 4 states of matter.

4.1.1. Solid. A solid has a fixed volume, and it holds it's shape. Example: Ice Liquid. A liquid has a fixed volume, free surface, and takes the shape of the container. Example: Water Gas.