A culture of health

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A culture of health by Mind Map: A culture of health

1. Mitigation of the Opioid Epidemic

1.1. Clear communication of the risks associated with opioid use and instructions for proper use

1.2. Rehabilitation and treatment for individuals who suffer from opioid addictions

1.3. Increased regulation and oversight of opioid prescribing practices

2. A patient's medication experience

2.1. A meaningful encounter

2.2. Positive or negative bodily effects

2.3. Unremitting nature of taking medication chronically

2.4. Exerting control over one's life

3. America's drug-taking culture

3.1. Prevalence of Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Ads (DTCPAs)

3.2. Reliance on medication for a quick fix instead of seeking alternative relief or treatment

3.3. Prescription and illicit drug use seen in different forms of media (movies, tv, music)

4. Self-medicating

4.1. Use of OTC medication to treat self-diagnosed illnesses

4.2. Improper use of prescriptions medications (the same person's or a different person's)

4.3. Lack of communication with healthcare professionals because of reliance on OTC medications to relieve symptoms

5. Open and honest communication

5.1. Stigma free communication about drug use with family and friends

5.2. Honest communication with providers about symptoms, drug use, and barriers to successful treatment

5.3. Asking questions and clearly communicating misunderstandings about medical advice