Career, goals & challenges

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Career, goals & challenges by Mind Map: Career, goals & challenges

1. Educational Target

1.1. To do well in all my units, so that I can move forward and complete college.

1.1.1. I am aiming to do great in my assessments and exams to either get credit or high distinction in all. Graduate from the college

2. Motivations

2.1. I see others around me succeeding and that motivates me want to do well in my life.

2.1.1. I want to help children learn because finding out new techniques and new elements are interesting. I like working with children at all ages and this is a perfect opportunity for me to seek out what I can do to support them.

3. Challenges

3.1. I had to repeat a few units and defer because this time last year I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, so my studies had to stop for a few months.

3.1.1. Repeating units made me want to give up on my whole career. Especially having a child along with studying I though I would not been able to cope with it all. Months down the track my family convinced me to go back to my studies and finish off what I started. I then had family relatives who also offered to take care of my son while I go back to school.

4. Future Dream Goal/Job

4.1. I want to become a teacher or become a nurse. If I do not seek into becoming a teacher than my other dream goal is to become a nurse.

4.1.1. I will need to make sure I pass all my units and do well in my course. Pathway teaching the age of 0-5/12 can is a great factor into connecting with children so I can either work in any industries that involve children. I will definitely need to improve in all my units especially interacting with young children as it involves with learning and picking up new terms, I will need to make sure a child is not being disadvantaged in any areas of education and how to deal with situations that may come up.