Environmental Issues in Hong kong

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Environmental Issues in Hong kong by Mind Map: Environmental Issues in Hong kong

1. Protecting endangered species

2. Register of Old and Valuable Trees

3. Sound Pollution

3.1. Singing and dancing in public parks

4. Waste Management and sustainable development

4.1. Filling up of major landfills in 2019

4.1.1. Finding alternatives such as Incineration Facilities

4.2. Insufficient Recycling system

4.2.1. Public education to facilitate and promote recycling

4.3. Greening in Hong Kong

4.4. Setting up of the Sustainable Development Fund

4.5. Renewable energy

5. Pollution

5.1. Air pollution

5.1.1. Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from vehicles

5.2. Water pollution

5.2.1. Harbour Area Treatment Scheme

5.3. Light pollution

5.3.1. Advertising signs and street lights

6. Nature conservation

6.1. Developing and managing the Hong Kong wetland park

6.2. Monitoring the ecology of Mai Po inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site

7. Urban development

7.1. West Kowloon Cultural District

7.2. Kai Tak Development

7.3. Central and Wan Chai Reclamation