6 Strategies of Assessment for/as Learning

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6 Strategies of Assessment for/as Learning by Mind Map: 6 Strategies of Assessment for/as Learning

1. Developing Learning Goals

1.1. Developed based on the curriculum expectations

1.2. Teachers share them near the beginning of a cycle of learning

1.3. Teachers and students come to a COMMON UNDERSTANDING of them

1.3.1. through discussion and clarification during instruction

2. Identifying Success Criteria

2.1. Describes what success attainment of Learning Goals looks like

2.2. Then used to develop an ASSESSMENT TOOL

2.2.1. Such as rubric, checklist, exit ticket

2.3. Open to review and revision

2.3.1. as teachers and students co-construct these ideals and how they're represented

3. Eliciting Information about Student Learning

4. Providing Descriptive Feedback

5. Developing Student Self/Peer Assessment Skills

6. Develop Individual Goal Setting