Glittering World


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Glittering World by Mind Map: Glittering World

1. One of the Archfey of the Court of Stars seeks to expand their dominion to the material plane by infecting mortals with a magical plague to which the Fey are largely immune, but which will decimate and weaken the population of the material plane, leaving them defenceless against the Fey

1.1. How do the PCs work this out?

1.2. How will they determine who the Archfey responsible is?

1.3. Orphiocordyceps Unilateralis style of fungus that implants into human brains, making them docile and quiet, losing their appetite and their ability to focus, eventually wasting away, the spores releasing from their dying bodies

2. Courtiers of one of the Fey Courts have been whisking lost mortals away for some purpose. The adventurers must determine who it was, and how to free them - combat, bargaining, or trickery?

3. Setting

3.1. Feywilds

3.1.1. Winter

3.1.2. Ice

3.1.3. Crystals Quartz Mountain Crystal Cave

3.1.4. Permanent Twilight Warped perspective of time D100 roll to determine how much time has in fact passed within the Fey realm by the time they leave

3.1.5. Emotionally/magically heightened Wisdom saving throws for players to keep their vices in check - the longer they're in the Feywilds, the higher the DC DM should ensure to establish PC weaknesses/vices (jealousy, paranoia, avarice, wrath, pride, etc.) in advance of game and prepare accordingly Wild magic surge checks?

4. NPCs

4.1. Encounters

4.1.1. Hags

4.1.2. Firbolgs

4.1.3. Redcaps

4.1.4. Flower Spirits

4.1.5. Fairie Dragons

4.2. Court of Stars

4.2.1. Archfey Tiandra: The Summer Queen Inscrutable Fond of mortals (finds them entertaining, takes mortal lovers, etc.) Oran: The Green Lord Prone to violent mood swings, mercurial Cool towards mortals, but sees no value in doing them harm unnecessarily The Prince of Frost Merciless and holds mortals in contempt Sea Lords Elias & Siobhan Siobhan of the oceans and the depths; melancholy and recalcitrant Elias of the rivers and shallows; personable and likes mortals Gloaming Fey Maiden of the Moon The Prince of Hearts Hyrsam the Satyr Prince Son of Oran, plays the fool but is in fact clever and erudite, and capable of manipulating others

4.2.2. Courtiers Satyrs Centaurs Nymphs Dryads

4.3. Eladrin

4.4. Friendly NPCs

4.4.1. Dog Wizard

4.4.2. Lizard Warlock

4.4.3. Cat Sorcerer

5. Hook

5.1. A thick fog has settled over a town for almost a month, and townsfolk have been going missing ever since

5.2. The alderman has offered a reward to anyone who can dispel the magical fog and safely return the missing villagers

5.3. About a mile outside the village, approaching a thick forest, the veil has thinned, and those stumbling through the fog find themselves transported to the Feywilds, as do our adventurers

6. Tone

6.1. Uncanny

6.2. Enchanting/glamorous

6.3. Maddening

7. Plot