Assure Model Mind Map by Osman Turgay

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ASSURE Model by Mind Map: ASSURE Model

1. Analyze Learners

1.1. First step in planning

1.2. Necessary to analyze the characteristics and learning styles of the audience in order to achieve planned learning outcomes.

2. State Objectives

2.1. Second step in planning

2.2. Objectives are the learning outcomes.

2.2.1. Learning outcomes identify what the learner will know and be able to do by the end of a course or program.

2.3. Contain four basic parts

2.3.1. Audience - Who your learners are?

2.3.2. Behavior to be demonstrated

2.3.3. Conditions under which the behavior will be observed

2.3.4. Degree to which the learned skills are to be mastered

3. Select Media and Materials

3.1. Third step in planning

3.2. Select the appropriate methods and materials for learning tasks.

4. Utilize media and materials

4.1. Fourth step in planning

4.2. Make sure about your media and materials you choose works properly.

4.3. If necessary, practice with the methods and materials to be used.

5. Require Learner Participation

5.1. Fifth step in planning

5.2. One of the most important features of the learning process is the active participation of students.

5.3. Try to keep students involved in the content described by questions, discussions, and various interactive activities and make them aware of the content.

6. Evaluate and Revise

6.1. The last and most important step in planning

6.2. After instruction, you must evaluate the entire instructional process.

6.3. If there are discrepancies between the results you expect and the results you get, review all your plans and plan again, if necessary.

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