Operations IT Plan

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Operations IT Plan by Mind Map: Operations IT Plan

1. Customer Portal

2. Site inspections

2.1. Checklist form

2.1.1. Different sections by sections

2.2. Issue management

2.2.1. What is the issue?

2.2.2. Corrective action required?

2.2.3. When due ?

2.2.4. Action taken ?

2.2.5. By who?

2.2.6. Image(s) of issue

2.2.7. Images(s) of corrective actions

2.2.8. Signed off being notified

2.2.9. Signed off being completed

2.3. Dashboards

2.3.1. Comparison over year

2.3.2. Comparison over project

2.3.3. Report summary

3. COVID monitoring

3.1. Daily Symptom checklist

3.2. Temperature taken

3.3. Worker name

3.4. Worker mobile number for text message

3.5. Worker email number for notification

3.6. Statement stating facts given

4. Safety data sheets

5. Safe work practices

6. Safe job procedures

7. Weekly toolbox meetings

7.1. Require list of all workers onsite

7.2. Need to be able to have workers sign in

7.3. Generate agenda

7.4. Workers sign-off being in attendance

7.5. Report distributed to prime contractors and management

7.6. Site management / workers notified of meeting

7.7. Site management to receive alert of meeting compliance

7.8. Site management to select meeting dates

7.9. Site management to sign off on meeting

8. Emergency response plan

9. Fall protection plan

9.1. Fall calculations

9.2. Equipment being used

9.3. Emergency fall protection plan

9.4. Rescue box

9.5. Tie-off procedures

10. Safety tickets monitoring

10.1. Name of ticket

10.2. Image of front and back of ticket

10.3. Name of worker

10.4. Date class taken

10.5. Expiry date of ticket

10.6. Ticket emailed to management

10.7. Alert stating expiration of ticket

10.7.1. 90 days

10.7.2. 60 days

10.7.3. 30 days

10.7.4. Expired

11. Confined space monitoring

12. Fire extinguisher inspections

12.1. Images of fire extinguishers

12.2. Location of fire extinguishers

12.3. Type of fire extinguisher

12.4. Certification date

12.5. Recertification due date

12.6. Charged

12.7. Pin in place

12.8. Notification stating when next inspection due

13. Field level hazard assessments monitoring

13.1. Name of worker

13.2. Verify that form has been completed

13.3. Report generated to site management stating that form has been completed

13.4. Quality checks to ensure that all pertinent information has been completed

13.5. Scan forms if written manually into system for record keeping and reference in event of incident

13.6. Can forms be completed electronically

13.6.1. Date and time stamped

13.7. Forms signed at the end of the day stating if there was or wasn't an incident (for WBC tracking)

14. Joint health and safety committee

14.1. Check to make sure that all workers on committee have taken prerequisite courses

14.2. Agenda sheet

14.3. Meeting minutes

14.4. Distributed to members of committee

14.5. List actionable items

14.6. Alerts given to make sure that meetings happen monthly or when required by OHS / OHSA

15. Daily tailgate meetings

15.1. Workers to sign off on attending meeting

15.2. Generate form

15.3. Send form to prime contractor

15.4. Send form to management team

15.5. Site management to sign off on meeting

15.6. Have list of workers in attendance

16. Site Schedule

16.1. Critical activities

16.2. Resource planning

16.2.1. Making sure that workers are certified to perform work (Training tickets)

16.2.2. Workers have reviewed Safe job procedures