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Reem by Mind Map: Reem

1. What I am doing right now

1.1. Trying to get good resume and profile + apply for summer internships.

1.2. Happify Startup!

2. What I have explored so far

3. What I want out of life

3.1. I want to honor my parents by pursuing a career

3.1.1. If this is in line with my dreams, that would be fantastic

3.1.2. I am willing to sacrifice my dreams temporarily for this

3.2. Wealth

3.2.1. One way of measuring wealth is the amount of material resources you have command over. Another is measuring the number of thriving, kind-hearted individuals in your network.

3.3. I'd like to build a bridge between my heritage and my dreams.

3.4. not tear up when i look at myself in the mirror while saying i am not worthless....

4. My obstacles

4.1. Articulating my dreams and ambitions

4.1.1. Dreams sometimes feel to big and the path to realizing them isn't clear

4.1.2. By articulating my dreams and ambitions, I am able to realize them or pivot to other dreams

4.1.3. But I'll give it a try Using math and computer science to express the elegence of beauty

4.2. Intense self-hate + impulsive self destructive behavior that usually drag me further from my dreams.

4.3. Sudden and recurring depressive episodes + burn outs.

4.4. Lack of confidence

4.5. Not feeling good enough

5. What I want out of computer science