What I've learned in ICM

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What I've learned in ICM by Mind Map: What I've learned in ICM

1. How technology influences our daily lives

1.1. We all rely on technology to do everything for us. While this can be convenient, it can also be a major source of problems in our lives.

2. The steps I need to take to reach my goals

2.1. Outlining my goals

2.2. Pursuing every option I can

2.3. Not getting put off by the possible obstacles

2.4. Addressing the obstacles and not ignoring them or quitting because of them

2.5. Never think any dream is unattainable

3. How practicing "Deep Work" can improve my life

3.1. By having periods of intense focus on one subject without distraction, I can produce quality work.

4. The role of social media in my life

4.1. The detox showed me how much I use social media to distract and comfort myself in uncomfortable situations.

4.2. Social media is also a major distraction from time I should be spending in the present with people I love.

4.2.1. Social media, while good to use to stay connected to people you don't see often, needs to be used in moderation.

5. Healthy ways to change my technology use

5.1. From the social media detox I learned that I need to focus more on the present rather than on my phone.

6. How does technology play a role in society?

6.1. We are constantly fighting to be the first to have some new technology or device.

6.2. We focus on our phones and tablets more than our surroundings

6.3. We use it to take pictures, as a map, to read and tell us the weather. If one of these doesn't work, there are very few substitutes.

7. Stalker culture

7.1. Stalker culture is taking a toll on our society

7.1.1. From stalking others we can start to develop major psychological issues like depression, body dysmorphia and anxiety because we are constantly exposed to people's "happy lives."

7.1.2. We can also find ourselves stuck in a routine of stalking old friends or ex partners which could distract us from people and opportunities in front of us.

8. Trello

8.1. Using Trello for time management

8.2. Using Trello to organize my assignments

8.3. Trello is an academic check list