Isometric Drawing Tool

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Isometric Drawing Tool by Mind Map: Isometric Drawing Tool

1. What is it?

1.1. A tool for practicing & learning geometric concepts.

1.2. Includes a 2D & 3D plane where students can create figures and interact with them.

2. Curriculum connections:

2.1. Strand: Geometry & Spatial Sense

2.2. Mathematics process: Representing

2.3. This tool can be used in grades 3-8 (in various capacities) to support student learning.

2.3.1. Grades 3-5 Describe movements on a grid map. Classify two-dimensional shapes by geometric properties. Draw nets.

2.3.2. Grade 6 One of the overall expectations for Geometry is that students will be able to represent figures using views and isometric sketches. Making this tool even most relevant to the grade 6 curriculum.

2.3.3. Grades 7-8 Construct lines & sort shapes by geometric properties. Investigate relationships among similar shapes.

3. How we felt:

3.1. At first it was difficult to figure out how to use this tool.

3.2. This tool was useful & fun to explore.

3.3. It may be beneficial for some students in the classroom, but others may struggle with it.

4. How we would use it in the classroom:

4.1. Start by modelling the tool for students (e.g., how to use it, what you can use it for).

4.2. Allow students to use independently to build figures, calculate surface area, etc.

4.3. Make this a tool that students can CHOOSE to use to support their learning in mathematics.

4.3.1. Some students may find tools like physical manipulatives easier to use.

4.3.2. This may be a distraction for other students.

4.4. This is a great tool for SOME students

4.4.1. Students who are visual & kinaesthetic learners can benefit from this tool.

4.4.2. Some students may struggle with the use of technology that this tool requires.