Tasha Strickland CLT - Claims Supervisor

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Tasha Strickland CLT - Claims Supervisor by Mind Map: Tasha Strickland CLT - Claims Supervisor

1. Morning hurdle/meeting with LaDona and the rest of the supervisors (8:45am)

1.1. Objective: To go over who's present/absent Challenges Goals Basically where we stand today

2. Check Due Today Report - to divide workload between team members

2.1. Total time taken: ~30mins - 45mins

2.2. Set priorities: 1) Clearing 2) High dollars 3) Check Requests 4) CRA work

2.3. If team is inundated, can transfer workload to other teams

2.4. Majority of workload is for Chattem

2.4.1. As of 11/8: 1353 open claims for Chattem

2.4.2. Focus >60days open claims

2.5. Barilla

2.5.1. Focus >90days open claims

3. Clients

3.1. Barilla

3.2. Chattem

3.3. Mission

3.4. R&B (Ragu)

3.5. Just Born

4. Statusing reports/ATB

4.1. Chattem

4.1.1. Pull Updatable Report then filter open claims. Need to know how many/much claims still open under BPS bucket and Sales bucket - only for KROGER Only doing it until we normalize our numbers

4.1.2. Rejection Report - it's a report what we close then has to be corrected because claims were cleared incorrectly 3 days before closing week, Rejection reports stop. But on the 4th day, all rejection reports come in

4.2. Barilla

4.2.1. Only for Dan Reardon and Julie Delisle

4.2.2. Status high dollars and >60days open claims

4.2.3. ATB report - split between Barilla and Wasa and give them total of open claims daily then send it to anyone in the hub that's working Barilla

5. BPS Feedback form

5.1. Log into SPO daily for each claim lines

6. Handle queries from sales and GCC

6.1. Chattem

6.1.1. Has weekly call with David Carsten and Karen Smith

7. Still undergoing Manager Training - 3 hours a day for 8 weeks

7.1. Virtual classroom

8. Challenges:

8.1. Chattem - no way to know if claims have been cleared correctly since there's no integration (it's only CCF on our end)

8.2. Chattem - cleared incorrectly because there's no communication between Chattem/Acosta Sale AND the BPS team

8.3. Chattem - hard to match the deductions with Promo ID OR Rebate ID. Client Event# needs to pull from Rebate ID instead of the Promo ID

9. Recommendation

9.1. Need to set up and smooth out every bumps before having the team starts to clear. Eg: Chattem Claims were cleared before CCF was set up. So nothing was being transmitted to clear. Once CCF was set up, there was a backlog in Chattem's system (had a limit on what can be processed daily)