An Ethical Dilemma

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An Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: An Ethical Dilemma

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Ted

1.2. Lakeside staff and clients

1.3. Golden Acres staff and clients

1.4. Mrs. Merrick

1.5. Oscar

1.6. AOTA

2. Course of action #1: Ted should not say anything

2.1. Positive: Ted would not get in trouble

2.2. Negative: The clients did not receive adequate care

3. Course of action #2: Ted should tell Oscar what happened

3.1. Positive: Ted would show honesty and the clients may be subject to better care

3.2. Negative: Ted might lose his job

4. One Friday morning, two skilled nursing facilities called Ted asking him to work due to under-staffing. Ted accepted both requests even though he knew he had to attend a parent teacher conference for his son at 2 o'clock. As a result, Ted performed poor and unacceptable care towards his clients (Scott & Reitz, 2017, p. 326).

5. Course of action #3: Ted should report himself to AOTA

5.1. Positive: The clients may have better care in the future

5.2. Negative: Ted and the rehabilitation centers may get in trouble

6. Selected Course of Action #2: Ted should tell Oscar what happened

6.1. Ethical Principles and Standards

6.1.1. Justice: "report to authorities any acts in practice... that are unethical" (AOTA, 2015).

6.1.2. Fidelity: "address unethical... practice that jeopardizes the safety or well-being of others" (AOTA, 2015).

6.2. Core Values

6.2.1. Altruism

6.2.2. Truth

7. Course of action #4: Ted should ask the permanent staff to cover up his mistakes

7.1. Positive: Ted may not lose his job, clients can get back on track towards their goals

7.2. Negatives: Ted could still lose his job if reported, it is still unfair to the staff and clients