Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemma

1. Nancy and Philip are coworkers at a skilled nursing facility and decide they want to become more involved in their state occupational therapy association. They decide to use their social media and technology skills to solicit volunteers for a conference planning committee. When they arrive at the meeting, one member shouts a sexist and inappropriate comment at Philip that makes him uncomfortable. At the next meeting it continues. They consult their supervisor Reina for advice.

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Nancy

2.2. Philip

2.3. Reina (supervisor)

2.4. State occupational therapy association

2.5. Those making the comments

3. Courses of Action

3.1. Speaking to those making the comments directly in private

3.1.1. Those commenting will know how Philip feels

3.1.2. They could be offended

3.2. Having a group meeting to discuss professional behavior

3.2.1. The behavior can be addressed without offending anyone

3.2.2. It could get brushed off

3.3. Saying nothing

3.3.1. It could eventually stop

3.3.2. It could continue or worsen

3.4. Sending a group email about the situation

3.4.1. Nobody gets called out directly

3.4.2. This could be seen as passive-aggressive or non-confrontational

4. Chosen Course of Action

4.1. Speaking to those making the comments directly

5. Core Values

5.1. Equality

5.2. Dignity

6. Principles

6.1. Fidelity

6.1.1. 6F & 6G

6.2. Nonmaleficence

6.2.1. 2C