Ops Worry List

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Ops Worry List by Mind Map: Ops Worry List

1. Design Artefacts

1.1. Programme Owner Adam Serle

1.1.1. Action is to create a "tunnel dug from each side". What does Programme have and What do Ops need? Alan Hickmott creating Programme catalogue - Martin Smith will cover process elements

2. IFS 360 Upgrade

2.1. Programme Owner Adam Searle

2.1.1. 5.8 v 5.9 v 6.0 covered by Scheduling "getting a grip" plan

3. Scheduling

3.1. Programme Owner Chris Fegan

3.1.1. Fortnightly update calls scheduled

3.1.2. Plan to get a grip until end December

4. Interventions

4.1. Ops Owner Steve West

4.1.1. Central Register maintained

4.1.2. Needs to link to Change Portfolio

5. Mobile Devices

5.1. Legacy CR drafted - had been descoped

5.1.1. Back in Scope?

6. Stock Management

6.1. CR agreed as R2

6.2. Ross to confirm position on initial receipt process - Done

6.2.1. Bernadette Confirmed Logistics part of Ops Readiness Plan

7. Undefined Change/CR's

7.1. Change Portfolio Review

7.1.1. Next action is to remove anything with undefined requirements, or target a date for requirements

8. Intranet

8.1. Confirm if BAU delivery?

9. LMS

9.1. Confirm if BAU delivery?

10. In Life IT Management

10.1. Kick off workshops 07/11/2019

10.1.1. Working Group to formulated, Jo considering who to lead. Inputs required from Solution and ITSM workstreams

11. UAT Outputs

11.1. Programme Owner Lee Blades

11.1.1. Structure and comms routes agreed with Key Personnel

11.1.2. Pipeline of stuff coming out of the room - LB has built a tracker to put in to the review cycle

12. Testing SM Issues

12.1. Owner TBA

12.1.1. Requirement is to start to populate KBA's with stuff we have learned from testing i.e. not defects

13. Tablets

13.1. Replacement Strategy

13.2. W8/10

13.3. Dual Boot

14. POM Resilience

14.1. Adam Searle Programme Owner

14.1.1. Resilience needs to be n+1 but is not currently

14.1.2. POM support not being provided by Geomant, alternative approach to be developed

15. Systems EOL Issue

15.1. Programme Owner Adam S

15.1.1. Multiple components go EOL before 2024, possibly requiring SQL and CRM upgrades

16. Performance Testing

16.1. Matt Geary Programme Owner

16.1.1. NFRs not defined

16.1.2. Key Processes to be defined and measured in Bridge

17. Closed CRs