self sign-up v2

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self sign-up v2 by Mind Map: self sign-up v2

1. Phase 1 - UI/DB/API

1.1. batch creation on existing server

1.1.1. Paradot forms for sign up Paradot to update SF Salesforce to update account managers Should we have T&Cs in Paradot?

1.1.2. Max 100 accounts

1.1.3. MetaDB Bespoke storage in SF Must verify email address before assign namespace Find avail namespace Update bespoke storage Push client data to EF Email tech when low on namespaces Email client if no namespace avaiulable Email client before expiry Rewrite client switcher to use SF metadata

1.1.4. Simplified generic namespace names

1.1.5. Limit email sending 500 for the trial period? Useful for all accounts

1.1.6. Disable creation of new admin portal users

1.1.7. Install trial license RegX5 only

1.1.8. Create admin user

1.1.9. Send welcome email Update welcome email contents

1.1.10. Regular sales process of real license

1.1.11. reset namespace 30 days after trial period ends run refresh job once a day update SF metadata email tech?

1.1.12. Update T&C?

1.1.13. Limit support Flag intercom calls as Trial

1.1.14. Improve first time UX start at event creation Demo event?

2. Phase 2 - Infrastructure

2.1. New clusters (US/UK/EU)

2.1.1. needs changes to 'switch account' How to show other clusters?

2.1.2. Make user select cluster

2.1.3. Different T&Cs

2.1.4. Max 500-1000 account per cluster

2.1.5. All accounts must have cryptic CSP app names

2.1.6. IRIS

2.1.7. Linux

2.1.8. AWS

2.1.9. Max cost ceiling? JAW to provide costings £3000/month per cluster Base it on 50% of current CPU

3. Phase 3 - Payments

3.1. payment portal

3.2. UI for license purchase

3.3. UI for renewals

3.4. individual complete machines?

3.5. MetaDB in the cloud