Reinvent flying experience for pet owners with Internet of things

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Reinvent flying experience for pet owners with Internet of things by Mind Map: Reinvent flying experience for pet owners with Internet of things

1. Flying experience

1.1. Experience

1.1.1. User experience Company's image : marketing, positioning Type of offer Quality of the service, comittment Collect data user's habits preferences Personnalize expérience

1.1.2. To experience Live, discover New things Something unknown

1.1.3. Activities Type of activities When and where do they take place

1.2. Flying

1.2.1. Air travel Trip providers Tour operators Airline companies Travel sites Tickets Airports Management Travellers Workers Regulation Laws Taxes Modernity Improvment Research

1.2.2. Travel Exchanges Different countries Culture Tourism Guides Destination Holidays Activities

1.2.3. Fly Type of Transportation : plane, helicopter Quick transportation Safest transportation

2. Internet of things

2.1. What is IoT

2.1.1. Interrelation between physical objects in order to create efficient systems (simplify and automatize those systems)

2.2. Internet

2.2.1. Connection 5G High transmission : 10 times faster than 4G Virtual machines Extended coverage

2.2.2. Technology Communication technologies are improving : Bluetooth

2.2.3. Application Importance of the smartphone often used to control other devices

2.2.4. Big Data Democratize the use or development of Clouds New protocoles (E.g. IPv6)

2.3. Things

2.3.1. Revolutionize flying experience Baggage tracking, fingerprint locks, weight notifications Personalized services : how you feel, real-time informations, connections with other flights Pet new spaces for pets pet tracking if needed Anticipate needs

2.3.2. New devices or solutions Shorten airport lines Provide precise and personalized advices ( restaurants, bathroom, activities) thanks to augmented reality and data collection Automatized check-in and arrival Improved communications : know if a plane is on time, flight status, GPS guidance Improve security Smart gates Biometric supports

2.4. New risks

2.4.1. Data privacy, data management How to prevent new uses of our data ? Time to adapt regulation ? New laws

2.4.2. New market so difficult to anticipate

2.4.3. Technology fear

2.4.4. What role should the government play : should it access all of this information ?

3. How would the use of the Internet of things improve flying experience for pet owners ?

4. Pet owners

4.1. Policies

4.1.1. Age, Size, Weight

4.1.2. Authorization Vet : health, characteristics Find the right crate

4.1.3. Airline's dependent

4.1.4. Microchip's equipped : ISO standards

4.1.5. Use of tranquilizers

4.1.6. Insurance

4.1.7. Price : pay an excess of price if travelling with a pet

4.2. How to transport the pet : cargo ? cabin?

4.3. Pet

4.3.1. Effects Anxiety Break the habits Layover is difficult for animals

4.3.2. Needs Real preparation before going anywhere What to bring ? Is the pet ready for travelling?

4.4. Owner

4.4.1. Why bring a pet ? Safety If travelling alone Company Motivation, dynamism

4.4.2. Responsibility Guarantee the best conditions for the pet Anticipate needs

4.4.3. Accommodation Pet friendly ? Travel destination depending on if the pet is allowed or not