Where is cybercrime really coming from?

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Where is cybercrime really coming from? by Mind Map: Where is cybercrime really coming from?

1. Cybercrime out of control.

2. Most of it is state espionage

2.1. Espionage, you see, is an accepted international practice.

3. 80% of them come from highly organized and ultra-sophisticated criminal gangs.

3.1. this is one of the largest illegal economies in the world.

4. How do these criminals operate?

4.1. Trojan - Dyre Wolf

4.2. The Dyre Wolf would get on your computer via you clicking on a link in a phishing email that you probably shouldn't have.

5. These criminal organizations operate like highly regimented, legitimate businesses.

6. How are we going to stop this?

6.1. It's not like we're going to be able to identify who's responsible, remember, they operate with anonymity and outside the reach of the law.

6.2. Brand new approach.

6.2.1. The approach needs to be centered on the idea that we need to change the economics for the bad guys.

6.3. We've got to get governments, private institutions and security companies willing to share information at speed.

7. What is the top priority?

7.1. It's knowing who is infected and how the disease is spreading.

7.2. By destroying criminals' devices closer to real time, we break their plans.

8. We all have the opportunity to stop it, and we already all know how. All we have to do is look to the response that we see in the world of health care, and how they respond to a pandemic.

9. I think that cybercrime should be more controlled and highly punished since in many cases this crime ends the lives of innocent people, mostly young people are the most affected.